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An individual can gain access to a full-range of community-based support systems and resources. It is our duty to provide skill or resource interventions that address the living, learning, and social situations of an individual.

Some of the services include:

  • Alternative Living Arrangements
  • Coordination of Follow-Up Medical Check-Ups or Treatment
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Arranging Inpatient Care or Outpatient Care
  • Psychosocial Evaluation
  • Assisting in the Development of the Care Plan
  • Supportive Case Work
  • Accompanying to classes, program, dance, movies and cooking classes
  • Activities of Daily Living in the home and in the community
  • Trips to amusement parks, bowling, restaurants, etc.
  • Travel training
  • Money management assist with shopping.
  • One-to-One Tutoring Services
  • Assist with Doctors appointments and other errands’ etc.
  • Supports with leisure activities such as community movies, and dining out

These interventions are facilitated by job coaches, qualified individuals, and other qualified members of the community.

For more questions, please contact us at 856-666-4929. You may also send an email to [email protected] .